Consultant Radiologists

Our dedicated team of Consultant Radiologists cover a full-range of Ultrasound diagnostic scans, ranging from urological to musculoskeletal and dermatological. Having a team of Consultants allows us to produce a report the same-day, following your appointment, allowing you to continue onto the next step of your care the same day.

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<strong>Dr M Clark
</strong><br>Head of Imaging
Dr M Clark
Head of Imaging
<strong>Dr Q Malik</strong><p>MSK Specialist
Dr Q Malik

MSK Specialist

<strong>Dr C Harvey</strong>
Dr C Harvey
<strong>Dr C Davies</strong>
Dr C Davies
<strong>Dr M Matson</strong>
Dr M Matson
<strong>Dr H Siddiqi</strong>
Dr H Siddiqi
<b>Dr K Shahabuddin</B>
Dr K Shahabuddin
<strong>Dr Y Z Tang<strong>
Dr Y Z Tang

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