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Our Consultant Radiologists

Our dedicated team of Consultant Radiologists cover a full-range of Ultrasound diagnostic scans, ranging from urological to musculoskeletal and dermatological. Having a team of Consultants allows us to produce a report the same-day, following your appointment, allowing you to continue onto the next step of your care.

Scroll down to view our Consultant Radiologists and learn more about them. All of our Radiologists can perform Ultrasounds of the renal tract, bladder, abdomen, and testes, but for other scans you may require a radiologist specialist.

Unless your referring clinician has specified a radiologist, we will recommend you the most suitable radiologist and clinic times for your scan. Contact us today to find out more.

<strong>Dr M Clark
</strong><br>Head of Imaging

Dr M Clark

Head of Imaging


Dr C Harvey


Dr M Matson


Dr Q Malik


Dr C Davies


Dr Yen Zhi Tang


Dr H Siddiqi


Dr K Shahabuddin

Dr S Sudderuddin

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