Frequently Asked Questions

I am having an ultrasound and flow rate study.  How much should I drink to have a full bladder for my scan?
The amount of water required varies from person to person, but we recommend approximately 1 litre of water about an hour before the time of your scan.  It is important that you then do not go to the toilet before your scan.  If you are anxious about how long it will take to fill your bladder, we suggest that you could try drinking some water at home, and see how long it takes for your bladder to feel full.

Can I eat before I have an ultrasound scan?
You may eat as normal unless you are having an abdominal ultrasound, in which case you must not eat for four hours prior to your scan.

If I am having an IVU and Ultrasound scan, which preparation should I follow?
You should follow the IVU preparation only and not eat for four hours before your appointment, whilst drinking normally.

I am having an IVU.  How long will it take for the contrast to be out of my system, and will it colour my urine?
The contrast drains into your bladder very quickly, and will almost all be in your bladder by the time the IVU is finished.  You will then pass the contrast with your urine.  The contrast is colourless, and so you should not expect to notice anything unusual when you pass water.

What colour is the dye used for the IVU?
The dye is colourless.

How long will my test take?
Each scan or x-ray takes approximately 15 minutes.  An IVU will take approximately 45 minutes.  Minor procedures will vary in length.

How long will it take until my doctor has the results of my test?
X-ray reports will usually be with your doctor within 24 hours, Ultrasound reports are usually ready approximately half an hour after your scan, but if they are being posted can take a day or two to arrive with your doctor.  Biopsy results may take a little longer to come back.  We are happy to fax any reports to your doctor as soon as they are available, if required.

Can I take a copy of my images with me?
You can request a CD containing your images if you are seeing your specialist straight after the examination. If you require a second copy, please be aware there is a small charge for this.

Are X-rays harmful?
There is a small risk associated with having a relatively high radiation exposure over a short time period.  Your doctor will weigh the risks against the benefits with regard to you having an X-ray.  The majority of examinations performed at 101 Diagnostics are classed as 'low dose' examinations.

What time is the last appointment?
101 Diagnostics is open 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).  The last appointment is 4.45pm.

Do you accept payment through health insurance?
We are recognised by all of the major insurance companies and are happy to invoice them directly if we are provided with your current pre-authorisation, case or claim number prior to your procedure.

I don't have health insurance, how can I pay?
We accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit cards apart from American Express and Diners Club.  Please make cheques payable to 101 Diagnostics.  Payment should be made on the day of your visit.

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