Minor Operating Theatre
and Recovery Suite

Our Minor Operating Theatre is utilised by some of the top Consultants in their field.

Whilst supported by our team of highly qualified and experienced surgical nursing staff, our small team have been working together for many years, ensuring you and your patient receive the highest quality of care. Our staff are constantly learning and advancing their skills through continuing professional development.

The Minor Operating Theatre suite consists of the Operating Room, a private recovery area and facilities to support the independent running of this unit.


Our Specialities

Click through the links below to find out more about each speciaility and see which Consultants utilise our theatre.



Click here to see what dedicated urological procedures we provide for 101 Harley Street.



Click here to find out more about our Consultant Dermatologists and which procedures we perform.


Cosmetic and Reconstructive 

Click here to learn about the Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeries.

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Nurse-led Procedures

Click here for the nurse-led procedures such as PDT.

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